The ongoing reform of the contemporary common agricultural policy ot the european union in light of the environmental requirements of the EU


  • Lidija Madžar
  • Anđelka Aničić


The Common Agricultural Policy of the EU (CAP), agricultural subsidies, CAP reforms, organizational structure of the CAP, environmental dimension of the CAP, Cross-compliance mechanism of the CAP, Health check reform, ongoing CAP reform proposal


At the beginning of the XXI century, modern society faces a worrying lack of limited natural resources. Traditional farming has led to the emergence of enormous environmental costs and agricultural externalities. The above mentioned problems have led to necessary changes in agriculture, which are reflected in the final adoption of the concept of sustainable agriculture. Considering that it takes into account the interests of the future generation, sustainable agriculture can be achieved by avoiding the harmful effects of traditional agriculture, the constant application of new knowledge about sustainable technology, as well as active application of empirical knowledge. This paper analyzes the most important objectives of the Common Agricultural Policy of the European Union (CAP), with the remark that they can often be contradictory. This policy is focused on providing a range of public goods and it is characterized by double pillar organizational structure. The first pillar comprises market measures, with particular emphasis on the direct subsidies payment to European farmers, as well as other CAP market measures support. The second pillar of this policy is directed to providing specific public goods, rural development and more balanced regional development within the EU. The CAP second pillar also emphasizes the importance of...


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