Submission of manuscripts

The Authors should submit their manuscripts prepared according to the Technical Instructions for Authors, i.e. Author Guidelines to the following e-mail address: Technical Instructions for Authors, i.e. Author Guidelines in Serbian and English language are available on the Journal`s website. Authors can also submit their articles through the electronic article submission and editing platform that is integrated into the Journal`s website. In that case, all authors must register first, so that later, through the login option they could use the Journal`s electronic services without restrictions. After the acceptance an article by the Editorial Board, the authors should also sign the Statement of Originality of the submitted article, which is also available on the Journal's website, and send it in scanned form to the Editor-in-Chief. The deadline for submitting articles is October 30 of each calendar year. The Journal of Social Sciences does not charge any fee for submission and processing the manuscripts. We kindly invite all interested authors to cooperate with our Journal and enclose their scientific and professional contributions.