• Dragana Beslic Obradovic


stress at work, sources, effects, techniques, accountants.


For modern accountant stress is almost part of everyday life. Since the stress in the workplace has become a major problem in the labor community and that the risk of cardiovascular disease in people exposed to a greater variety of stressors, it is important to point out the possibility of his identification, resolution and prevention. Therefore, control of stress is the key to a successful career as a professional accountant. This paper explains the concept and components of stress and explain the sources of stress at work. Also, this paper describes effects of stress at work as well as various techniques for overcoming stress at work. The last part of the paper presents the analysis of stress sources in the accounting profession through research in the form of employee interview survey in two accounting agencies (″Klaris″ i ″ Korekta″) with headquarters in Novi Sad.


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